Saturday, December 29, 2007


I have been attending a lot of meeting. There many types of meeting. Meeting to discuss issues which never come to an end and always dragging. This types of meeting is unproductive. Meeting to discuss what to do i.e. a planning meeting. This meeting could be misleading. Members of the meeting tend to discuss any point raised during the discussion which will be prolong for hours and hours. This lead to no action but just reaction. Meeting for decision making which sometimes become an argument sessions which is also unproductive but life keep going. There are other types of meeting which will fall into the above mentioned.

What make meeting worst is the chairman of the meeting don't really know what to achieve at the end of the meeting. The chairman, sometimes, involves in a heated argument. Well it is hard to be a leader. It challege your ego, your ideas and you perceptions. Another thing that make it worst is member of the meeting don't prepare for the session. I wonder how to make meeting effective and achieve it purpose.

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