Friday, December 28, 2007

Career and daawah

Career is a nice way of saying a work that we do to earn a living. We put our mind and spend our energy in become a profesional person in our career so that we can gain more and better. A muslim will be guide by their concious of Islamic undertanding in their dealing or interaction giving service or working within their career context. what about daawah? As a true muslim, daawah is part and parcel of the life. Muslim can escape the repsonsibility of daawah. How can we integrate daawah and career? How can we do daawah through our career?

Daawah suppose and should be our career as muslim especially in today's world. Why? People will frequently asked this question. There are lot of reasons. Reasons support by strong arguments which can be extract from the teaching of Qur'an and As Sunnah. Reasons are the game of the mind. The mind can be convinced by arguments but can reasons move a man to do the act of daawah? This is puzzling myself.

I never inform or even talk about daawah when interacting with people. Having said that does not mean that i never discuss about Islam to others. It make me feel concious when i think about daawah. My heart always asking how to talk about Islam? How to talk about daawah? How to call people to get involve with daawah?

At current age, ArRasul (s.a.w) already all out with daawah. He start to sleep less. He get more energetic and become more active in life. Compare to us, we are getting less healthy, easily get tired, tight up with fixed schedule and thinking more about getting establish in a career and getting more money. We become more busy and and having less time. I though as I get older I will get more time to do daawah and other things as needed but it is a contradictory thing happens.

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