Sunday, January 25, 2009

My New Year Story

Assalamualaikum, All readers

Alhamdulillah ALLAH Maha Kuasa dan Maha Kaya, Maha Penyanyang, Maha Pemurah. I've been tested with small lost of material on the fourth of January 2009. Before that, my eighth son was warded at USM university hospital on 1st of Jan. He was suspected to have either typhoid or dengue. Both were negative and finally after he was x-rayed, doctor confirmed that "paru-parunya berair" I can't remembered the medical term for it. He was warded for 7 days. He missed his first week of school. While Junaidi was warded, on the 4th of Jan, someone broke into our house through a sliding door. He/they took my invaluable notebook (computer), my daughter RM100, my digital camera that was bought in Medina when i went for Haj in 2006 and our family car, Kelisa. The Car was found after one day and was in police custody until it was return to me by the district magistrate on sunday 18 Jan. The most invaluable lost is the data in the notebook. May Allah replace it with a better one.

It is from Allah, I have no complaint about it. Everything belong to Him. He is the Lord, the One we must submit and pray to.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed Allah is our Lord. Who are we to complaint.